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Foldable Walking Pad R2 Pro

Kingsmith Walking Pad R2 Pro with a speed of 0.5–12 km/h, Bluetooth, Remote control, PC display, 918W DC low noise brushless motor.


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Under the hood

The Kingsmith WalkingPad R2 Pro is a versatile, foldable treadmill perfect for walking and running. Its compact design makes it ideal for any home or office, offering a powerful, smooth workout experience. With its innovative double-fold mechanism, it saves space efficiently. The treadmill connects to a dedicated app, allowing users to track their progress, including speed, distance, and calories burned. It features a multi-layer belt for joint protection and adjustable speed settings for a personalized exercise session. Whether aiming to enhance fitness or maintain activity levels, the R2 Pro provides convenience and performance.

  • App
    KS Fit App
    Maximum speed range of 0.5–12 km/h, 1.25 HP 918W DC brushless motor, build PC display, remote control
    57.2"D x 28.3"W x 40.6"H • 36 kg
  • Material

What's included

  • Walking Pad
  • Power Cable
  • Delivery Box

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